Jeanne Bain is the director of Be Love Navigation, a relationship-centered company that helps people navigate the overwhelm that sometimes comes from living life. She has spent the last 30 years helping people build a network of support and fill their toolbox with tools that help them feel more centered and safe. Some of her clients are living with chronic or complex illness, some have family members living with dementia, some are trying to find their center after a difficult life event or trauma, and some are nearing the end-of-life. She uses a variety of tools and techniques including: Neurogenic Shaking based on Tre® ~ (Tension Release Exercises) for nervous system wellness, grounding & centering; creative writing; Somatic Writing Practice; storytelling and other expressive arts; coaching and other relationship-centered modalities. She helps people release stress and tension and feel empowered to navigate the complex work of living and dying.






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