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January 5, 2022

Winter Price Drops, Upcoming Offerings & More!

Hello to the friends of Be Love Navigation and Tre® Minnesota,

Here’s what I’ll cover in this newsletter:

  • Fiscal Sponsorship Request For Summer of Tre® 2022
  • Moving to Zoom for group sessions
  • Winter Price Changes – Discounts 
  • New 30 minute private sessions
  • Community Work: Tre®, End of Life, & Therapeutic Visits to Elders
  • Social Media Update
  • Referral gifts for you! 
Fiscal Sponsorship:
I’m working toward fiscal sponsorship so we can accept donations for the summer of ’23 tremoring in the park for well-being & trauma release. If you would be interested in offering your name as a supporter of the project, please reach out to me and I’ll tell you how. I’m also looking for a few board members who would be cheerleaders and support people for the project.Switching to Zoom for classes

I’m holding off on in person classes until the Omicron variant slows down, predicted to be in February at this writing. Because of that, I’ll be teaching Thursday morning Zoom classes starting next week, running through mid-February, for now. Please sign up here for weekly classes. The cost for each 60 minute Zoom class is $8 per person. If you bring a friend, you can BOTH attend for free. Use the code FRIEND for the discount. It’s important that you have have a camera that works so I can see you, one that allows you to adjust, especially if you are new! Book a discovery session if you need help determining camera angles. I’m happy to help.

Check out my winter private session pricing!
First time individual sessions, via Zoom, are dropping from $160 to $125. If you are an experienced Summer of Tre® shaker, you can skip this and just book individual follow up appointments which dropped from $120 per session to $75 for the months of January – March. Purchase as many follow-up sessions as you like here. They won’t expire until 2023.

All sessions are held on Zoom for now. Hopefully when the Omicron variant passes, I can reconsider in person teaching / sessions. But for now, Zoom it is!

New 30 Minute Shakes / Tre® Sessions! 
Consider trying out a short session, sans exercises, where I just hold space for you and help you navigate and stay present during your shake. I’ve got packages of 3 – 30 minute sessions for $90. Great for high school and college students who want to shake but feel like they don’t have the time. Book those here!

Community Events & Offerings:
I’m teaching a full 1.5 hour introduction to Tre® session through the St. Anthony / New Brighton School District Community Enrichment Program. Here’s the link to register for that. It’s Monday, March 14 from 6 – 7:30 pm. This is a chance to practice Tre® in community and learn more about the history and practice than you typically get in a one hour community practice. I’m also on the calendar to teach my signature “Talking About Death Won’t Kill You” in person with an online option for registering. Here’s the link for that class. It’s also on a Monday evening, April 25 from 6 – 7:30 pm.

In the world of senior living and aging, I continue to offer therapeutic visits to help people living in communities deal with loneliness (seniors living with or without dementia) and continuing consultations with families to help them best support their loved ones. Please hit reply on this email and we can talk about how I might serve you and your loved ones.

Social Media Update: 
I’ve dropped all social media to help me focus on a different way of communicating with people so please check my website for events and reach out for clarification.  It will be even more important that I build authentic relationships with people who share my newsletter and spread my work in the world. I’d love to have you share this newsletter with someone you think might be interested.

This quote from my last newsletter is still making my heart sing as I move away from chaos by continuing to practice subtraction–who says I’m not good at math? By consciously subtracting, I hope to gain energy to connect more deeply and authentically.

“In a world that entices us to browse through the lives of others to help us better determine how we feel about ourselves and to, in turn, feel the need to be constantly visible, for visibility these days seems to somehow equate to success—do not be afraid to disappear. From it. From us. For a while. And see what comes to you in the silence.” ~ Michaela Coel

Referral Gift for You? 
As I work to spread the great work of neurogenic tremoring, I’d love to have introductions to the healthcare professionals in your life. I’ll give them a complimentary intro session (science and theory + a short shake) and to thank you, I’ll gift you with your own 30 minute private session. Help me spread the great work of Tre®!
Until next time, keep listening to your beautiful heart and body and know that you are enough. 


Celebrate The Newsletter

Happy Autumn!

This summer, our second summer of life-altering pandemic times, I created a project called Summer of Tre®, taught a few death education classes, supported people through private conversations, held sessions to help people ground and center through life changes, and began doing my own group sessions around mental fitness through the PQ Program. It’s been a terrific summer, AND I’m ready to have things slow down into my year of self-acceptance, my own personal theme for my next trip around the sun.

One of the humans that I met this summer isn’t on social media, an idea I’m curious about but tell myself that it would be so damaging to my business. But would it really? This person manages a newsletter as a career AND gets all of their information from newsletters. Can you imagine leaving social media and just reading / writing a newsletter? The idea SINGS to me. And then this quote, from the Emmy Awards inspired me even further.

“In a world that entices us to browse through the lives of others to help us better determine how we feel about ourselves, and to in turn feel the need to be constantly visible, for visibility these days seems to somehow equate to success—do not be afraid to disappear. From it. From us. For a while. And see what comes to you in the silence.” ~ Michaela Coel 

That idea inspired me, so I will be writing a once per month newsletter (with event notices as needed). I hope you continue to subscribe, share with friends, and find it interesting and helpful. I promise, next month will be shorter. Please forgive any mistakes as it’s been a very long time since I’ve sent out a newsletter!

Summer of Tre®

This project wrapped around the mission of Be Love Navigation, which is to help people move from overwhelm to a place of centeredness. I was honored to introduce TRE®: Tension and Stress (or Trauma) Releasing Exercises to 67 new people. A couple of these folks had researched, read and possibly practiced with a YouTube video or an app, but most heard about it through the national TRE® website, word-of-mouth or my marketing efforts. No more than 8 people were one-time participants, which means nearly 60 people came back to experience the work over and over, sometimes more than once per week. Summer of Tre® was a huge success! I continue to facilitate private sessions, and I’m really loving the experience. It fits so well with my mission, and I love being able to hold space for people’s experiences of letting go.

As the temps drop, I go within to determine my next steps around Tre®. I am officially ending the summer with a week of four offerings, all in person, all listed below! Every session lasts 1.25 hours or so. Look for the signs as sometimes the best laid plans are interrupted by other park users. You are welcome to sign up for my text service, where I send updates if we need to relocate.  612-421-7120

I’d love to see you there, especially if you’ve never tried it before. We’ve got some regulars, some new folks, and a general spirit of support.

Fall is here and winter is coming, all as we are riding the waves of the Delta variant, and I’m considering that as I am looking for indoor spaces. I will keep you posted.

As I look ahead to the summer of 2022, I welcome any ideas you might have about sponsorship, grants, etc. If that is your gift: to find, connect, bring folks together around funding, I would love to talk with you! Set up a discovery call on my website through my online calendar. It’s easy and I’d love to talk with you via Zoom. I could use the support so that I can continue to offer free or low cost classes next summer and beyond. In making this more accessible, I’d love to gather people’s stories and experiences at the next four classes, if you are willing so I can share them on my website.

We will continue to practice in Powderhorn Park on Thursday mornings at 10 am, even as the temps drop. Other sessions to be determined. Let’s see what happens when we come together in the park, in community, in our down coats, making our own fluttery snow angels with our tremors. Huge gratitude for all who have supported the Summer of Tre® project. It has been an honor.

In next month’s newsletter, I’ll do a general overview of the end-of-life education and work that I do. Stay tuned!