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Although few people specialize in helping us in the final passage of life, which we all must face, Jeanne Bain has dedicated herself to this important work, and she has the combination of practical sense and compassion that are so necessary for this essential service. ~ LM

Jeanne provides this large-open space for the loved ones to come in, whether they have been estranged for years, live on another continent, or is a new neighbor reaching out for the first time, all the while being protective and loyal to the person who is about to die. Jeanne is kind and caring, yet can be tough if needs to be. Each death is unique, and I believe she handles each death uniquely to her patient’s needs and desires. It takes a special person to do what she does and I have a strong good feeling that she is doing exactly what she was called to do. ~ P.L.

My family was blessed when Jeanne came into my brother’s life. She gave our family something we could not give him.  We were unable to travel due to COVID-19 and we worried that he would die alone. Jeanne gave her heart and soul to him. She was there for every appointment, finding care givers, making sure he ate, helping with hospice, etc. My brother died with dignity and respect but mostly he was surrounded by love.  As I grieve for my brother, I remind myself that he was surrounded by an angel on earth – JEANNE. ~ Chris L.


Excellent class. Jeanne was well-prepared.

Our instructor was awesome and I learned a lot!!

Jeanne Bain touched on important aspects of death and dying.

The class was a nice mix of the practical and the emotional aspects of approaching your death.

Really enjoyed this class, the instructor and the participants. Thanks very much!

Thanks to Jeanne for leading us – I have a direction to help with my journey.

Jeanne Bain was a generous and kind presenter.

Jeanne was incredible!! One of the best facilitators I’ve ever seen. My heart is still full this morning.