Navigation & Nervous System Support


Health Care Advocacy: Whether through a new diagnosis, a chronic health challenge or nearing the end-of-life journey, we can help you quiet the overwhelm. Book a 20 minute complimentary consult here to see if we are a good fit.

End of Life Journey: We support from terminal diagnosis to last breath for the person who is ending this earthly journey and the caregivers.  Book a 20 minute complimentary consult here to see if we are a good fit.

Nervous System Overwhelm: Ground and calm the nervous system with neurogenic tremoring. Learn more about this simple, calming method (also called Tre®) that helps us befriend our nervous system. Book a complementary discovery session.


In-Person classes:

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Learn about Tre® and some frequently asked questions here:

Before you can attend one of our classes, you will need to fill out these TWO forms, below: 

Standard Liability Waiver

State of Minnesota Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Bill of Rights

Don’t worry, they are speedy fast to read and sign. The first one is a standard waiver and the other one is something we’re required to do as unlicensed practitioners. Again, standard.

Don’t forget to sign up for our text alerts to let you know if any of our dates, times or locations change due to life events or inclement weather. Text “Tre” to 612-405-3228 to be notified about in person classes and “zoomtre” if you are out of town and can only participate if we Zoom! The text number has changed, we will be moving people over soon! 

If you are interested in booking a class or workshop at your organization, please contact Jeanne. 

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