Frequently Asked Questions about Tre®


Frequently asked questions about the Summer of Tre®


Short Version of FAQ: 

  • Bring a mat, towel, blanket, something to lie on. 
  • Don’t wear fragrance, including oils. 
  • Please don’t use drugs or alcohol before attending the practice. 
  • Sign a waiver before we begin (so show up a few minutes early your first time, or sign it online at
  • Bring friends, kids, grandma. It’s an intergenerational event. 
  • Bring some water and assume there won’t be bathrooms. 
  • If it rains, we move somewhere inside. 
  • You don’t actually have to bring your biggest vulnerabilities to the session. The body determines what it releases and I’ll keep reminding you that  YOU are in charge.
  • If rain is in the forecast, we will likely cancel. Get on the updates list by texting “TRE” to 612-421-7120 and I’ll make sure you are notified. 
  • If you aren’t local, text “ZOOMTRE” to that same number, and you’ll be notified ONLY about Zoom events. 
  • Yes, I’m a certified provider. Check out my listing on the Tre® website. 

LONG Version of FAQ: 

My doctor hasn’t cleared me for exercise after a health concern. Can I attend? 

We do some stretching and fatiguing of the muscles so it would be best to get her/his clearance. You know your body best! 

What if I live too far from the Twin Cities and just want to learn about your online classes? 

Please text “ZOOMTRE” to that same number, and you’ll be notified ONLY about Zoom events. 

Can I bring my kids? My grandma? 

Yes and Yes! The one thing I haven’t figured out about doing TRE® outside, is that there aren’t a lot of walls to support older folks who can’t get up and down from the ground very easily. But if you will be able to help her down to the mat or towel, go for it! 

How much do the sessions cost this summer? 

Great question! Last summer, the first Summer of TRE® I wanted to get this work in the hands of people who need it, and I offered it at no charge. The idea was to spread the word in a way that could keep finances out of the picture. This summer, we are trying a “pay what you choose” method. If you can pay $10 before / after the session, do! If you can pay more, do that, if you can pay less, do that. If cost is a barrier to participation, just show up. I will take Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, cash or check. . 

I really believe that getting as many people in Minneapolis as possible to practice TRE® will help build the local Tre® community, bring more people into the Provider Training process and get Tre® in fitness studios, healthcare clinics, fire stations and more. So, if you like Tre® and want to introduce me to movers and shakers in those areas, please do. The more people who know about it, the better. As of today, I’m only the second Twin Cities based Certified Provider of the process.

What about bathrooms? 

Yikes! I wish I could tell you that parks are open for people to go in and out of, but for the most part, we need to plan to NOT have access. There are some portable business shelters (they call them Honey Buckets in Seattle) in some parks, but I’d recommend not counting on that being the case everywhere we are having classes. 

I’ve never done Tre® before. What should I expect? 

The first time I took a TRE® class, I was SO nervous. I was afraid I wouldn’t do it right. Turns out, you can’t really do it wrong. It’s about listening to your body and my voice. I didn’t need to be nervous. Often, there is a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles, some tears. You won’t be watching each other during the tremoring part of the class (not like a yoga class) and I’ll be offering reminders to breath and self regulate. Trust me. You’ve got this.

I like this video from TRE® Brazil.If you need to see the tremoring, feel free to watch it. 

What do I need to do before class? 

You’ll need to complete some basic information and a waiver. You can do this here OR when you get to the park

You’ll need to read over this Bill of Rights, and sign it as well. 

Arrive a few minutes early because we will get started RIGHT on time. We will end on time as well. 

Bring a commitment to self regulation. Trust that you will know how to take care of yourself in this process. 

I’m kind of scared to do this. What can you say to help me feel more comfortable? 

You are in charge of this whole process. I will encourage you not to stretch into pain during the exercises, and I’ll be walking around checking in on everyone in class. This is a process that relies on your strengths of self regulation. You’ve got this. I’ll remind you of that throughout the class. Just so you know, you don’t actually have to bring your biggest vulnerabilities to the class. Instead, trust that the body determines what it releases and when. 

What should I bring? 

A towel, mat, blanket: something to lie on. Or not. We can figure it out. 

I’d recommend some bug spray, because we are in Minnesota, but please put it on beforehand so it isn’t too strong when you arrive. I have a no fragrance policy in all of my classes. 

Bring a spirit of curiosity. And a commitment to self regulation and self care. 

A water bottle. 


What should I leave at home? 

Please do NOT wear any fragrance, including oils. I know people like that stuff, but I have a sometimes dramatic reaction to things like patchouli, marijuana smells or pretty much any cologne. So, please be mindful of the fragrance. 

Please don’t attend if you are using any drugs or alcohol. Classes happen all summer, so just come a different time, please. 

I’m really looking forward to sharing this amazing tool with you!